Eastern Bastion

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The Eastern Bastion Festival is subject to all quarantine restrictions.


On October 16-17, 2021 on the territory of the rope park "FIESTA" (Severodonetsk, Ob'izna Street) the traditional 4th historical ethno-festival "Eastern Bastion" will be held, dedicated to significant events and dates in the history of Ukraine: 14.10. - Day of the Defender of Ukraine; 06.12. - Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (30 years in the modern history of our state). This year, it has significantly expanded its scope and is held with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and with the assistance of the Luhansk Regional VCA. As part of the ethno-festival "Eastern Bastion" we invite you to visit the following locations: - "Modern soldiers - defenders" (led by representatives of the armed forces, border guards - an exhibition of several samples of modern equipment, weapons), - "Forward - into the past" (with the participation of historical clubs representing the Middle Ages, from Luhansk, Kharkiv, Donetsk regions: sections "Historical Camp", "Shooting Range", "Battle", "Historical Museum". They will be held competitions, tournament fights - for professionals and all comers - in special armor; organized various types of competitions and contests - for visitors; exhibition of weapons of past centuries - museum exhibition); - "Education" (round tables for interdisciplinary or specialized discussions for professional target audiences - writers, historians, local historians, archaeologists, artists, painters, etc.); - "Fair" - where masters can present their work, attract visitors to their "craft", - "Main Stage" (with the participation of singers, dancers, musicians), - "Young Patriots" (representatives of scout organizations, teams of children's and youth military-patriotic game "Falcon" ("Jura")); - "Freedom of choice" (organization of various competitions, tournaments, quizzes for festival visitors)

Knight's tournament, competitions among children, medieval entertainments, thematic photo zones, exhibition of medieval masters, exhibition of artists, interesting lectures on history and culture, big concert

Gallery 2018-2021 years

Fragments of the history of Eastern Bvstion for 2018-2021

Fourth annual festival "Eastern Bastion 2021"

Acceptance of applications for ISB nominations starts: Shield-Sword "Shield-Sword of Woman" Buckler Sword "Buckler Sword Women" "2 × 2Men" "2 × 2.Women" "3 × 3 Men" "3 × 3.Women" This tour is a test in the UMF rankings and also the final in 2021. Preliminary applications for participation in the tournament are required! A transfer from Kharkiv and Lysychansk railway station to the festival venue will be organized for the fighters, as well as partial reimbursement of travel expenses for participants from other cities. Fill out the form See you at the Eastern Bastion Festival!

Information partners

GO «Dream Town»

GO "Dream Town" has been operating since 2016. He has experience in implementing projects of various orientations and scales, takes an active part in the public life of Severodonetsk and Luhansk region. The most famous implemented projects are "EcoUrban" with the financial support of USAID (Music Festival, mural creation, trainings for volunteers); organization of the festival "Colorful East 2018" with the financial support of USAID (music festivals and murals in 5 settlements of Luhansk region); organization of the festival "Color East 2020" with the financial support of USAID (murals, trainings, in 8 settlements of Luhansk region, publication of a collection of murals of Luhansk region 2021, video version of the guide and motivational video).

rope park "FIESTA"

Active recreation is a priority for people who do not like to sit still, want to effectively keep your body in shape and get a lot of positive emotions from it. A great opportunity for the park of active family recreation "FIESTA", the first rope park in Luhansk region, which is available for both individual and family spending time. At the height, right in the treetops, you can experience the whole rainbow of emotions from fear to admiration, try your hand at truly extreme crossings, and most importantly just have a lot of fun! The active family recreation park was founded on May 21, 2016. The park offers rope routes (1.5 m, 2.5 m, 5 m), crossbow and air shooting range, 100 m trolley descent, "Slippery football" attraction, swimming pool with purified sea water (5x10 m), organization of children's and adult birthdays in the form of a quest or thematic focus, team building (trainings and active corporate recreation aimed at uniting the team), graduation, there are cafes in the park. It is also possible to rent a gazebo and fry delicious kebabs with friends.

Sharukhan Sports Club

Sharukhan Club is one of the most famous and titled clubs in Ukraine, which gained fame in the fields of historical medieval battles. The club's fighters are well-known in Ukraine and abroad, among them many champions and prize-winners of all-Ukrainian and international competitions in ISB. In recent years, the club has significantly expanded its geography, as well as the list of interests and areas of development. Sharukhani's athletes also achieve significant success in HEMA and Soft disciplines. In addition, it is Sharukhan - the recognized legislators of fashion for oriental armor complexes around the world of medieval battles.